Capturing Family Memories

This past Friday night my friend and I had made plans to meet to scrapbook and organize family photos. I have about 500 photos that I printed in 2006 when my daughter was born. The prints were inexpensive as I printed them between Christmas and New Years (did you know it's about $0.05 cheaper to print during that week at most photo centers?).

Originally we were going to meet at my place but after my husband's plans changed and he decided to stay in, we moved our plans to include a coffee shop that had wireless Internet. It was a little frustrating as our connections got cut off and as I am not a scrapbooker in general, never mind an e-scrapbooker, I was like a deer in headlights as to where to start. I finally decided to go through 2009 photos (I still have some December 2010 ones to get from my sister-in-law and a friend). I created a 2009 to scrapbook file and dropped copies of my favourite ones so that I could create a digi-book from those.

I am planning to use Shutterfly so that I can add captions and make the pages the size that I want. I also understand that you can use custom or automated templates that drag and drop your photos in chronological order. That is my idea of scrapbooking!

So Friday night, I enjoyed a yogurt fruit smoothie, had some fun chatting and also had a blast going down memory lane "only 2 years back but it seemed like forever ago".

How do you organize your family memories? Any tips or ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.