My "Other" Husband

Last night I had a dream. I've been considering it all day. Dreams like that are neat. I dreamed I was not with my husband, Scott (the dream didn't tell me if I was
widowed or what the case was but I had been married to him at one point). I was married to a millionaire sports player. This man took care of my two children as though they were his own. We shared a personal trainer and worked out together. We enjoyed friendships with other sports players and their beautiful wives. My health was never better as I was supported and encouraged to work on that aspect of my life. I found I loved running (which I never really have been interested in despite a few attempts). I didn't have to work but enjoyed volunteering for organizations that I believed in. Then the other shoe dropped ... the new husband had a fling with someone else (not sure what all it entailed). I was really conflicted because I really loved this man and he provided such a wonderful lifestyle and friendship and helped me personally develop in ways I have never pushed myself to succeed in. Was the fling enough to throw it away?  This really caused me to pause and question what is important in my reality.

Scott and I are not millionaires but we are financially stable. It makes us more comfortable for me to work and, honestly, if I didn't I think I would be bored out of my mind. I also love having children in my home. It makes me feel whole and with purpose. I believe my children have experienced a better childhood because of it. I get up and dressed in the morning and we play and socialise with our group and other friends in the community. Ava is in kindergarten and so far hasn't been sick (I believe this is from her exposure to different germs and such as an infant, toddler and preschooler). Her transition to kindergarten was seamless (for which I am grateful). Back to the relationship part, of course there are areas as a couple we need to focus on (what couple doesn't) but overall it's a strong partnership and we respect and love each other. It would be great if we had millions but would it change our lifestyle? I doubt it. We are living pretty well. A bigger house might be nice but then that would be more to clean and declutter and organize and decorate and all the rest that goes with it. I think that the most interesting apsect of the "dream" relationship was sharing a personal trainer and learning from the professional sports player's workout routines and discipline as well as spending quality time as a couple and with a shared interest. I don't think you need to be a millionaire sports player's wife to achieve that.

Have you had a dream that made you pause and consider your reality? I'd love to read about it if you have.
Okay, the dream wasn't EXACTLY like this cartoon but after a dream (or reading a book) this is pretty much what my husband has to deal with. Tee hee! (Love you, Scott!)