More Getting Organized

I got a nasty ear infection with some vertigo last week and it's taken me a whole week for my body to get enough energy to actually accomplish anything. I'm even behind on
my 21 day cleaning challenge. Never fear, I'm catching up as much as I can. Baby steps, right?

Here are the days that finish up the 21 days if you want to link in with Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons. Tell her More Than A Mom sent you, okay?

The good thing about these challenges is that I do a lot of these items regularly. Makes me feel like I am more organized than I often feel.

Day #11 - The Freezer
Day #12 - The Spice Cabinet
Day #13 - The Medicine Cabinet
Day #14 - Under The Bathroom Sink
Day #15 - Medicine/Vitamin Organization
Day #16 - Cleaning Out and Organizing The Fridge
Day #17 - The Mail Station
Day #18 - Keepsakes
Day #19 - Master Closet
Day #20 - Photos
Day #21 - You Pick

I am needing to work on Day #18 and Day #20 over the next week (after I get the basement painted, floor laid and Christmas bins organized and put away in the new-found storage that will become available once the floor is down).