The Junk Cupboard

Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons has a 21 day organizing challenge. Day #1 is to organize the junk drawer. I don't have a junk drawer but I do have areas and cupboards that
accumulate junk.

This is the scene of the crime. The "hot spot".
 This morning I organized the cupboard above this area that seems to collect rogue batteries and other assorted "where do I put it" items.
The "Before" shot. See how there is sunscreen, bug spray, coupons, cameras, stuff I don't even know what it is!

It even spread out to the top of the microwave. Extra batteries, Sharpies, light bulb to return to the store.

So I got some Post-Its and used the Sharpies to label the battery containers. I did wipe down the shelves and I also put all the gum and candy on the lowest shelf to access easier.
Yesterday (before I saw the challenge), I created a Mobile Command Center -also Toni's idea- to help with the counter paper clutter.
And here is the Command Center with calendar above. Those coupons are getting organized after this blog post and I'm going to purge the expired ones and place the current ones here. Hopefully it will make it easier to go through the file folder when we're about to grocery shop.

Here's a top view of the Command Center. Don't look behind it ... that's tomorrow's challenge!
Here is Toni's challenge to you...
1. Find a drawer, any drawer (preferably your junk drawer), and take a picture as it looks right now. No cheating here. We want to see chaos!
2. Now empty the contents into a large box. ALL OF THEM! (Trust me, the box will be much easier than the counter... you can transport it).
3. Get a soapy washcloth and wipe the drawer clean.
4. Now, go collect some of those organizing containers that I had you stash away and place them in the drawer. The more containers you have, the more organized you are going to stay!
5. Set up your bins and trash can near you: one bin for "keep", the trash can bin for "toss", and the "donation box" you set aside earlier in the week.
6. Get your box of drawer contents, take a seat at the table, and start purging. Keep ONLY what you have used in the last 3 months. Toss everything else... either in the donation box or the trash.
7. After you have gone through the whole box, you can start organizing! This is the fun part. Try to keep like items together. Isn't organizing fun?
8. Now take another picture and give your self a pat on the back! Way to go... you completed challenge #1. Don't forget to go to A Bowl Full of Lemons and share your success on her post!

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