Yesterday the husband and children went tobogganing and had a blast.

There was a big jump and Ava kept going over it. She loved it. She is also the perfect weight to go really far down
the hill. Which is great - except for when you have to walk down after her to help her back up the hill.

Today I went with the kids and the one run I took with Travis, we hit the jump (even though i put the brakes on and tried to steer away from it!).

Trying to protect him I hurt my back and knocked my head. I took some Tylenol and am resting but I believe I am too old for this "fun" business.

It was my first and last run. He didn't get hurt but I think when we stopped the sudden stop motion pushed him into the snow face-first and he looked like a snowman. He didn't say if it was fun or not but when I wiped the snow away from his face he wanted to go home too.

I'm sitting here and wonder if i gave myself a concussion since I'm dizzy with a headache and achy.

Ah well, we got good air and the boy better have good memories of when his mother took him tobogganing!

How are you spending time after Christmas?