Christmas Project Fail

It's Christmas eve eve and I started to sew pants for Travis's pajamas. I can't find the elastic for the waist. I don't understand the instructions very well since it takes a bit to change from sewing quilts to clothes. While trying to read the instructions the children and husband keep coming down or calling me away and it's just too difficult to get my head around. Never mind the mountain of carpet piled in my sewing room that I need to climb over just to access the sewing machine or leave the room. The elastic is likely in my sewing room somewhere but due to the renovations of the remainder of our basement the room is stuffed with things that do not normally belong there, thus making it difficult for me to get into the sewing mood. I think I stitch-ripped more than I actually sewed. This year, no homemade pajamas, kids. At least for Christmas eve. Sad thing is that I was really looking forward to making and delivering these to my guys. Right now I'd say this one is a big ole FAIL and I'm not feeling very merry right now.