Christmas Movies

I don't know how single parents do it. I applaud you if you are one. Lately I have had a full group of daycare kids as contracts end and overlap with other contracts beginning. It's good timing with Christmas expenses so I'm not complaining. It is make me one tired person though. And all these fun holiday movies that are on starting at 8PM make it hard to adhere to my early bedtime. Who can resist such heart warming stories. And they are on "W" (the "women's" channel) so they are geared as chick flicks, cute leading men and stories that tug at the heart. Perfect way to end the day.

Last night there was a double feature and the second movie that started at 10PM caught my interest. It is called "Christmas in Boston" or also known as "Instant Message". Not sure why there are two titles for the same movie? Anyway, I got to the first commercial and it looked so promising. I was too tired to continue. Now I am on a search to find this movie since I don't see it on the upcoming list of titles scheduled for December.

What movie do you enjoy watching every year? Do you own it or wait for it to come to television?