Halloween Trick or Treating

This year is a great year for holidays. The children are old enough to appreciate them and participate. I also have been organized and have prepared for them so that I am not

To celebrate Halloween there were a few days of interest I'd like to share with you.

The boys (Travis is in the middle, C is on the right) and I walked Ava to the bus stop. She was to dress up for her junior kindergarten's Halloween party (she's Cinderella if you can't tell from the bit of dress peeking out from under her coat).
As they were posing for the photo a big gust of wind blew their fireman hats down the street.

This was, of course, hilarious to all. "Did you see that?" Ava asks us all seconds later.

While Ava was away at school, myself and a fellow caregiver got all our pre-school age friends dressed up to celebrate.

And here is creating the Jack-O-Lantern with our secret tool!

And now some random photos of the trick-or-treaters ...

See the final results of the pumpkin carving with the secret tool?

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