Halloween Decorations & New Buffet!

I kept meaning to post this but was waiting for the opportunity to take photos without the children around. They are busy doing other stuff so I took a moment to share the Halloween decorations and my new buffet!

I was a little late going to the Dollar Store this year to purchase some Halloween display items but when I did I was pleased with my purchases.

Originally I was going to decorate the top of my kitchen cabinets but, due to the lateness of this project, I decided to put them on top of our dining room temporary buffet.

And some on the dining room table (see also the homemade place mats decorated by the kids!).

And on top of the stereo we needed a squeaky black rat with creepy red eyes.

And then we got this beauty. I love having a buffet with a nice wide and long surface. Oh! The things I can do to decorate for the holidays now ~ especially since there is no fireplace mantel to play around with.

See how un-squishy the display looks now?

After I took these photos I took down the Halloween decorations and am planning to get my Christmas "mantel" planned. I can hardly wait!