To Move Or Stay?

You know that feeling when you look at every house you drive by and wistfully want it to be yours? For a little while I have had the urge to move and now it is really kicking in to over drive. Our home is on a quiet court and we are fortunate to have fabulous neighbours. Our back yard is a respectable size and there are no direct neighbours behind us due to a run-off pond. Plenty of Canada Geese to watch and the kids love that we have trees old enough to give us fall leaves for jumping in. All of these are great points for staying where we are, however, working out of my home and with two growing children I am realising that our family will outgrow our home in the next few years.

My current home versus my dream home:
Wish me luck in finding a home that meets both our budget and these needs. Also in convincing the husband that we should move.