Halloween Memories

Since I have had children the holidays have become more exciting. I love making things for them so that they can have the best memories when they are older. Their enthusiasm and gratefulness for my efforts makes it all worth it, too.

Last year was the first year I started to get into the spirit of things. I had Halloween Stories for Kids all lined up to order from the library and read with them. This year too we read a lot of Halloween stories (over and over again). Thank goodness the library has due dates so I could get some fresh ones!

The children also started to enjoy dressing up (Halloween or regularly). We have a dress up box with princess and prince/sultan attire that our generous neighbours donated to us. They love it! Although growing so fast are quickly outgrowing it. This Christmas I am hopeful to get a real dress-up box with adult or bigger clothing items for them to get creative with. I also want to make some super capes but we'll see how much time we have to work that on those.

Thanks to the SITS gals and pretty Tiffany for inspiring today's post and for having a fabulous Canon Rebel DSLR camera giveaway!