My New Sewing Table

I feel like an official sewer right now. That's right, no more kitchen table sewing for me! I just came back from picking up a used sewing machine table from
Kijiji. It was $20. I'm so thrilled - especially as it is exactly the one that I wanted and I was considering paying much more money from Sears to get one that wasn't as perfect as this one.

This one was sitting in the seller's basement, unloved. It smells a little funky but I thought a nice coat of paint in a fun colour (perhaps lime green or deep red?) would make it a nice accessory to inspire me and my new creations.

What colour would you paint this little beauty if it were you?

These photos are from the Kijiji ad. It will be much less crammed under stuff and more adored in MY house.

Oh, and since the table needs a home, I am going to put it in our spare bedroom in the basement. The same room that I am planning to slowly going to turn into a craft room ...