Ava's First Day of Junior Kindergarten

I mentioned here about the strange staggered entry our school systems have for first-time kindergarteners. Today was the first full day for my little Ava. Apparently the bus was
supposed to drive her to school this morning, however, it didn't show up so Daddy drove her to school. He reported that when he dropped her off she barely kissed him before running off to school. Meanwhile, I was fretting that I provided her with enough food and that we didn't forget anything.

You've already read about how excited I get over the first day of school. Ava's first full-day was no exception. Last night found me ironing labels onto underwear, pants and shirt and sticking food container labels onto everything I prepared her to bring for her two snacks and lunch. My parents were laughing when I indicated how much food I packed for her but I recall as a child being really hungry at school and the child shares my snacking ways. After the fantastic job of packing everything for her, the one thing I forgot or didnt think of was to put her drink inside a plastic bag. Apparently her drink lid lifted and it soaked everything in her bag before she even got into school. How could I not have thought of that - especially when I put her snack in bags of bags?! I was so organized (or so I thought). Tomorrow you can bet everything will have been double-checked for labels and triple bagged! (I know I might still forget something but I'm trying).

With all the confusion, and while waiting for confirmation from the bus company after this morning whether or not she would indeed be bussed home, we forgot to give Ava directions about how she was to return home. Just as hubby (Scott) was leaving to pick her up, I got a phone call from the school telling me that Ava was in the office and nobody had picked her up. When I indicated she was supposed to be on the bus, her teacher told me she didn't put her on because Ava was ADAMANT that her daddy was coming to pick her up. Luckily I was able to catch Scott before he pulled out of the driveway and re-directed him to the school. Good for Ava for being so determined in what she believes is the truth. On the first day of her new school too. I think that takes some guts. I'm secretly proud of her (and snickering when I think about what she is going to put this poor teacher through. It's not just me!).

I'd say this was a pretty good first day of school and I'm glad there were some chuckles as we are working to figure it all out. Now let's hope tomorrow goes smoother as it is officially the first day on the bus!

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