Kids Say The Darndest Things ~ Especially Your Own

Some kid things that are going on and being said around here. Yep, making me so proud (most of the time).

  1. I'm putting Ava to bed one night and she's misbehaving. I talk really loudly at her to get her attention. She stops and looks at me "I'm not going to talk to you if you yell at me like that".
  2. I am talking with someone and I hear Ava say to another friend, "I have to wait until my Mommy is talking before I can interrupt her". Finally, it's catching on!
  3. We are (slowly) potty training Travis. "Travis, don't touch your penis". "No, I need to touch it to make it bigger".
  4. Ava was playing on her pretend phone when I over hear her urgently saying "Papa Paul, you better come get me quick!". I have no idea what that conversation was about.
The gems they come up with. What have your little ones said lately that have you smirking?