Good Food Choices

I hope that the following stories are examples of (my) good parenting. Otherwise ... I'm not sure what's wrong with my kids! Ha ha.

Yesterday the kids were playing with their friends. The little boy had the new Batman toy from McDonalds. I told my kids I'd see if we could buy the toy. We go through the drive-thru and, sure enough I can purchase just the toy without food. I was willing to buy happy meals for them if I had to but would rather not as I had lots of homemade food at home. After we went through the drive-thru they did not once ask for fries or any other food but were happy to accept their Batmans (one each, of course). I was pretty proud.

We take swimming lessons and afterwards we visit the park and have a snack. I brought some cake for them and an apple for me. They all wanted the apple and I had to insist they eat the cake because I am on Jenny Craig and it's my special snack. The world tilted in that moment for sure.