Happy Birthday To Me!

As the years roll by birthdays have a tendency to blur together and some of the excitement gets deflated. For me that is the case at least. Sharing a birthday with a little child, however, can make it fresh and exciting again.

Take my birthday, for instance. It's today. Last night after the kids went to bed I was reading. Around 10PM I hear my daughter Ava (4 years old) get up. In her half-asleep state she told me, "We coloured cards for your birthday! Can we give them to you  now?".
Me ~ "My birthday tomorrow so let's open them in the morning."
Ava ~ "Okay"

Doesn't 5:00AM roll around and I hear a little girlie up and ready for the day. This is early even for her. Daddy went to see if he could get her back to sleep but apparently it was a no go because 15 minutes later she came bounding into my bed with the biggest hugs and "Happy birthday, Mommy! Can we give you your cards now?".

When Daddy went to leave for work at 6:30AM she was crestfallen. "But Daddy, you have to stay home for our dance party and to bake a cake!". I have to admit, despite the early morning her enthusiasm was and is contageous and I'm actually a little excited that it's my birthday today. This is definitely one of my favourite years to celebrate my birth.

Do you have a special birthday story? I'd love to hear it.