Do You Speed or Does It Speed Past You?

You know that feeling when life is speeding past you and you can barely grab on to it's mane? It's doing that for me these days.

This Saturday there is a court garage sale. I could get stuff ready to pass on ... but with what time to organize and de-crap-ify (my own word)?

I am totally drooling over the new Rubbermaid Neat system. Wow! I love the part in the commercial when the lady opens her cupboard and the "old" containers get her.

I'm slightly stressed because in my home daycare one of my kids is leaving the first week of September so I'm anxious about not having someone lined up right away. I don't want to jump at the first kid that says they want to join us but at the same time the pickings are slim. Finances are always good for a bout of hives.

With respect to menu planning, I am still doing Jenny Craig so it's getting hard to be committed to cooking for the family. My deep freezer is getting filled with food as are the cupboards. I really need to get on this. I think I'll be making some "shopping at home" menus in the coming weeks. If only the kids would eat some of the delicious menus that I make! (thankfully for the daycare kids who eat what mine won't!).

In good news, I just have the border to top-stitch and thebinding (which I keep wanting to call bias as in bias tape) to attach. Perhaps working on this is causing the house to look like a bomb has hit it!

What is gnawing at you lately?