Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

We're going through a heat wave here. It's been humid as well as hot. I'm not good in the heat. I get a sore stomach and my skin gets so sticky it makes me clausterphobic. My husband and I have an ongoing thermostat debate. I think 75 or 75.5F is appropriate while he would prefer 77F. We have compromised to 76F but it is just too warm some days for that. What temperature do you keep your home at and how have you come to this agreement with your partner, if you have one?

Amidst this heat wave, I am taking the kids to daily outdoor swimming lessons. Not just my two, either. I have the three day care kiddies too. They are all good kids though and it is nice that at the pool they have a big umbrella for shade and picnic tables to sit at while we watch the children swim. It's a fabulous outing for our mornings too. And they get so tired out. What are you doing to tire your kiddies out this summer? How do you cope with a heat wave?