Hair Cut, Anyone?

Yesterday, my daughter Ava (4 years old) was quietly cutting paper with scissors. Do you have a sense where this is going? I was putting lunch away. Turned around. See hair. Freshly. Cut. 
She had cut her hair and one of the day care kids' hair! Thank gawd you can't tell and I caught her in time.

No scissors for that girl!!!

As I walk around I keep finding hair on the floor. I was only turned for a second!

So, I did what any responsible mother would do. I made her repeat that she is not allowed to cut hair unless she is a certified hair dresser. I also told her that her hairdresser (Jenn) would get upset if she knew Ava was doing her job ~ being an unqualified 4 year old and all. Then, almost immediately after she repeated the oath, I turned around to find her pretending to cut another boy's hair "with my fingers, mommy".

Egad! The kid is thick.