Cleaning With Child "Helpers"

It was so nice this morning to have actual house cleaning helpers. My two (ages 4 and 2) walked around and lifted things up out of the way and then put them back as I vacuumed.

I'm not going to mention how they un-helped me earlier in the week when I finally got around to scrubbing all the four bathrooms and the floors only to have Ava puke on the floor and in one bathroom. Oh no - I'm not going to mention that.

Or how I finally put their toys away and 10 minutes later their toys, plus some other "hidden" toys, were strewn about the house.

And I really won't mention how they emptied the front hall closet of all the winter accessories and spread THEM across the house, wearing them all and chattering "ho ho ho" then later complaining the house was cold after their accessories were off. Ava came running up to me "mommy, there's sand on the floor!". How did sand get there with winter accessories? Sure enough, somehow Travis at one point or another managed to fill a mitten with sand and she dumped it out when she went to pick it up. Oh the joys. You can bet on it, I had just vacuumed the front hall earlier that afternoon.

At least with the winter stuff taken out, I finally got motivated to launder them for the fall. Is the end of July too late to get this done? Then I'll try to organize it for the fall in the handy dandy containers I got (out of the garbage) and haven't had a chance to put it into yet.