Movie Review ~ The Jesus Series, Life and Miracles

Description ~ Take a wonder-filled journey with Jesus and His disciples.

The Jesus Series introduces children to the life of Christ. This DVD is an uninterrupted half-hour presentation of
Jesus' ministry along the shores of Lake Galilee and the villages near Nazareth. Children will see Jesus call His disciples, feed 5,000 people, heal the sick, teach about God’s kingdom and introduce the Lord’s Supper.

This DVD completes The Jesus Series by presenting the life of Christ in a way that little ones can understand and build a solid foundation on.

My Review ~ I popped in the DVD for the kids before bed. At 4 and 2 years old, the kids settled down and enjoyed the video. I enjoyed watching the stories too and felt it gave me some good questions to ask them in respect to their interpretations of who Jesus was and who God is.

The video was simplified for this young audience and moved along at a good pace to hold their interest.

Some of the characters were difficult to distinguish as Jesus looked the same as one of his disciples. Otherwise I enjoyed the illustrations and the quality of the production.

The kids reaction was "can we watch it again?".

My reaction is that I would be very willing to watch this with them multiple times and that I would be interested in viewing other videos from the series.

A complimentary copy of this DVD was provided for review through Thomas Nelson’s Booksneeze program.