Girls Weekend

This weekend I am going to enjoy my very first ladies' weekend! I've never been one to have a group of friends who do this so I am very excited (and anxious) to see what it is that happens on such a weekend. This particular group has the fact that we are all moms who do or have participated with a preschool program for our children.

I don't drink or smoke and I believe the others do. Not that this is a problem but I just hope I am not the only sober one who becomes responsible for potential irresponsible behaviour or witness to obnoxious behaviour. I hope they don't think I am a bore!

I used to be an extrovert but my introvert, homemaking interests have taken over the past few years. Nothing wrong with that either but I just hope that I have enough in common with these women to be able to relax and develop deep friendships after a weekend of bonding.

It is also the first time I'm leaving the kids with daddy alone. I'm not sure who I am more concerned for! ha ha. They are going to my in-laws so I am sure it will all work out. They better miss me and appreciate that I am a patient and a fun mommy and wife. They will miss me, right? I know I'll be thinking of them the whole time.