The Kill-Joy of A Redundant Observation

When I was younger I felt attractive. When courting, my husband would tell me daily that I looked hot, beautiful, great; now it's rare. Even still, I get up in the morning and get myself dressed with shoes and make-up on. I like to do this because it makes me feel better about myself and it gets my day started as it did pre-children. It also helps any smudges of a rough night with the kids. And I feel pretty good about myself as I load up the kids and take them out to a play group. Until some jerk wonderful person tells me I look like shit tired or sick. If I am tired or sick, could it be because I have toddlers crawling all over me all day and night? The killer is the majority of these people have young kids themselves. Would you want to hear that you look tired or sick? It makes me hunch over and feel like crap for the rest of the day so what has that question got you except "Well, yes, I am tired. I've been tired for four years in fact. Thank you for telling me. Jackass.".