Getting To Know You ~ May 2

1. Are you superstitious? Yes; I'm not taking any chances!

2. If you were an animal, what kind would you be? A pig (I hear they have hour-long orgasms)

3. You would never catch me wearing...! A thong bikini

4.  If someone posts a you watch it? Sometimes - depends on who it is, the subject, and how long it is.

5. Have you ever waxed your girlie/manly parts, or any other part of your body? Only my eyebrows. I'm very sensitive.

6. Are you a spender or a saver? A saver.

7. If  you were starring in a movie, who would you want to play your leading man/woman? Matthew McConaughey (he actually looks a lot like my husband).

8. Smoker..never smoker..or smoked back in the day? I'm going with never smoked.

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