Picky Eaters

Question of the day: Are any of your family members picky eaters? What affect does it have on you planning meals?

I've moved to the monthly menu plan (see March's menu plan here) for this very reason. The darned kids have some serious eating issues. One day minute they love it and the next they are repulsed by it. It isn't just my kids either ... the day care kids are getting in on it too now! I am no short order cook so I'm cooking dinner and then they can have it for lunch the next day (toddler-ized with appropriate top-ups of fruit or veggies, yogurt or cheese, and bread). Having the monthly menu also let's me be more flexible on days when I KNOW they aren't going to even consider a lovingly prepared meal and they would prefer a box of macaroni and cheese. Gotta love toddlers.