Emergency Preparedness Kits

I was just reading The Creative Homemaker and her blog post about 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kits. I realised that I have had this on the "to do list" for too long. What-with the crazy weather and unexpected natural disasters the world is experiencing, nobody is safe. I am fortunate to live an area that does not regularly experience natural emergencies, however, perhaps this is even more reason to get something in place for if there were an emergency. I shudder to think of the hysteria.

So ... what to do to get myself set up. Letti at Happily Ever After commented that she made her 72 hour kits for family night. She marked on the calendar 6 months from now so that she can replenish the food again. She also made a kit for my car which included a first aid kit, blankets, food, a case of water, toilet paper, plastic trash bags, shampoo, sharpie, can opener, diapers, wipes and a few other things. She also suggests you have feminine products on hand. They could not only be used for feminine needs but I hear they are fabulous bandaids for large gashes.

Are you prepared? What list of contents do you or would you recommend including in a 72 hour kit for a family of four?