Olympics Opening Ceremony 2010

I am Canadian. A proud Canadian. The 2010 winter Olympics are in my country. This adds to my heart's bursting with pride for my country.

Last night I watched an hour into the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics and, gosh ... what to say. It was beautiful, artful, eclectic and ever so s-l-o-w. My husband and I were watching it on the couch and there were a lot of "huh?"s and "what are people thinking this Canada is, exactly, as represented by this?".

CTV did a great summary of the origin of the opening ceremony and why things happen in the order they do. Also, for an ongoing Canadian coverage of the Olympics, visit CTV online here.

Did you see the Opening Ceremony? What do you think of Canada after having seen it?

If you are writing about the Olympics on your blog, please post a link in my comments so I can read your thoughts.