It's For the Kids ... Right?

At 8:00AM on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I pack up my two kids and the three other daycare friends and wait in line for spaces in a free program. They go into a school readiness program where they are in a classroom of children their own age for two hours and I need only be in the building (in the classroom if they are having a sad day).

I'm starting to wonder if this is really beneficial.For my two kids, having two hours separated from me is key or else they'd be attached to my legs all day. Ava also starts kindergarten this fall and I find the structure of their morning is similar to what it will be in school. That said, all of the friends I had there have gone back to work and nobody there really inspires me to go. I'm bored and missing my kids the whole time I'm there (as a childcare provider they have drastically reduced the programs I am allowed to attend) and my loneliness is magnified without them.

Does this sound like I need friends or that I am outgrowing this particular program?