Canadian Olympic Medalists

Last weekend was a great opportunity to watch the Olympics; partly because the children were at the grandparents and we were allowed to watch over preschool geared television. Once they returned, however, the television has been either off or onto one of their shows. This is the reason I've been delayed in posting the new information on medals achieved.

I agree the photos are terrible from the official site so I'm posting some much nicer ones of our medal winners.

Jon Montgomery
Event ~ Men's Skeleton
Maelle Ricker
Event ~ Ladies' Snowboard Cross

Christine Nesbitt
Event ~ Ladies' Speed Skating 1000m

Alexandre Bilodeau
Event ~ Men's Moguls Freestyle Skiing

Kristina Groves
Event ~ Ladies' 1500m Speed Skating

Mike Robertson
Event ~ Men's Snowboard Cross

Marianne St-Gelais
Event ~ Ladies' 500m Short Track Speed Skating

Jennifer Heil
Event ~ Ladies' Moguls Freestyle Skiing

Kristina Groves
Event ~ Ladies' 3000m Speed Skating

What country or athlete or event are you cheering on? Why are you proudly standing behind them?