Weight Loss Challenge

My friend and I decided that we wanted to be our regular yummy selves by shedding some weight and getting healthier in general. We made a friendly challenge to each other that the person who lost the most percentage of body fat by the end of February would treat the other to dinner a movie. (We nixed the dinner idea because that would really defeat the purpose of our new, healthier lifestyles, non?).

Since June 2009 I've been going to Weight Watchers meetings (I am a lifetime member but can still attend meetings if I need motivation or have gained weight) without much success (I've only lost 2 lbs or so since then). This is the motivation I believe I needed and I've been really focussing on counting my points ~ even jotting down the "extras" and tracking them as my flex points.

I need your encouragement so if you have any words of wisdom, please share! I want to win!! (Although both of us will be winners if we've lost some weight).