Dear Santa

Santa Claus is coming to town. I don't have decorations up (yet, although that's the plan for today before the kiddos return from their grandparents'). I also don't have our Christmas cards written and in the mail (but I do have the list updated). And I almost forgot about Santa Claus letters. Egad! Thankfully they are a little young that they wouldn't have been devastated but still!!!

There are 11 days to get my letter in to Santa and to get him to write back. I am going to make a template and get all the kiddies (daycare and my own) to do this on Monday.

I gotta keep on top of this stuff to stay at the top of the nice Mommy list! LOL

And because I haven't written a letter to Santa in too long, I Googled (and Googled and Googled) how to write a letter to Santa. I found the clearest instructions on e-how. (Be careful when you search because I almost got a virus or worm ... maybe I have but I can't tell yet and I've done scans, scans, scans to check it out).

From the instructions on e-how, this is the template I came up with (this one is from my 3-year-old daughter ~ of course, she'll pepper it with her individual wants I am sure) ...

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I listen to my mommy and help with my little brother Travis. I even go to pre-school to learn as much as I can. I love art.

Santa, could you please bring me ___ for Christmas?

My brother, Travis, is 1 and he would like anything you bring. He's not that picky but a truck or train would be nice.

Thank you, Santa.

Ava & Travis