Searching For Contentment

Mandi at Simple Nest hit the nail on the head with her post about Being Content with our Homes.

I too have been struggling with being content with what I have, often viewing the grass on the other side as greener. This is not only limited to my home but to myself in general. I'm working on it. When I read this post I realized I am not the only one who gets such feelings.

I know that I am blessed with what I have and try not to take it for granted. Working out of my home with a daycare of five kids plus my own two puts the house's function in a different need category than when it was just our family.

I read all of these blogs about home decorating and thrifty chic trends on low budgets that I would LOVE to apply to our home but let's face it, there are only so many hours in a day and I would rather spend them with the family versus stressing over yet another self-imposed project deadline.

Mandi "came across this blurb on Gidget Goes Home from a book called Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment by Linda Dillow. Nicole shared these five principles of contentment from the first chapter, which have been hanging on the bulletin board in my laundry room ever since.
As Mandi has asked, I too want to know ...Is contentment something you struggle with when it comes to your home? Do you tend to focus more on what isn’t done than what is done?