The New Crafter Is Here! Sort of ...

I have been so inspired by the blogs that I read. There are so many talented and creative women out there! (Men I am sure too but in this case I follow the women and their blogs).

Lately it has been the sewing and home decorating blog projects that are grabbing my attention. So ... last Sunday I went to Fabric Land to search for a simple sewing project. I do enjoy sewing, however, the projects must be easy enough to be completed in an afternoon or less.

I was fortunate to find the following projects ...
  1. Two pre-designed Christmas aprons (the ones you just have to cut and sew). I'm planning to make them for Christmas gifts.
  2. Buy 1 Get 2 FREE Butterick patterns (aprons, living room sofa and pillow shams and other accessories, window shade/blinds)
  3. Fabric for an apron ~ I want to wear this daily over my jeans and tee shirt as a "uniform" for the daycare. It will make me feel more into the role and hopefully will get my clothes to last longer than an hour before getting dirty with little hand prints
  4. Two different fabric for four pillow shams and piping for the edges ~ we just repainted the house and now the couch is looking sort of drab. Although ... I am now considering them as window coverings/headings since they are raw silk (wasn't thinking on that part with little dirty heads on the pillows). I'll let you know what I decide.
It's the #1 aprons first since they are the easiest. I'll post pictures with my finished products. I'm SUPER excited. Now I just need to find an afternoon, which can be tricky with little helpers! How do these other ladies do it with youngsters around?

Oh! And I was super proud of myself for having purchased everything at 50% off! (Although it was still $100. More reason to get these projects "sewn up" so that I can justify it to the hubby).