The Mess with the House Cleaner

I feel ill. I have been going through a "he said, she said" negotiation with our cleaning company. The guy I have been dealing with is not very business-minded. We are in a current agreement and have pre-paid for a certain number of house cleaning sessions. Suddenly he claims we have used up hours when I am sure we agreed to weekly flat rate sessions. I even have the receipt that states the $ per cleaning. This has been such a frustrating experience and he has canceled a negotiations meeting and has failed to deliver a proposal for moving forward. He has also been so sneaky as to send a cleaner and then email me suggesting that if I let her clean that this will provide consent for a new agreement. Good thing I checked my emails and didn't get caught in his trap. What a goof.

I am reading "Your Money or Your Life : Transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence" by Joseph Dominguez and Vicki Robin. The book discusses life energy and how we choose to spend it. Basically, how many hours of your life remain? Is it worth it to spend my precious life energy making myself sick with anxiety over the cleaning guy? I know the answer but I need to tell my churning gut the answer ... Honestly, I just want it to all go away and have a clean house!