Becoming Financially Independent: A How To

Yesterday I wrote My Life's Purpose: A Revelation.

Part two of this is the how I am going to do it inspiration I received from "Your Money or Your Life" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

Here is a summary of their steps that I am
following and am getting great benefit and goal-setting in place for my husband and I to acquire financial independence in the near future. You may want to check out the book (I got my copy from the local library) to get more details on the steps.

Step 1
Summary of lifetime earnings
Current list of assets, liabilities and net worth

Step 2
Calculate real hourly wage
Track the money coming in or going out of your life

Step 3
Monthly tabulation ~ convert money spent in each category to hours of life energy using real hourly wage (see Step 2)

Step 4
Three questions that will transform your life to evaluate where and how you spend your money

Step 5
Create Wall Chart plotting total monthly income and expenses where you can see it daily

Step 6
Minimize Spending

Step 7
Maximize Income

Step 8
Capital and the Crossover

Step 9
Manage Finances

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