The Air Show

Today we went to the Breslau Air Show with two other families.

It was cooler than I thought when we left (I was sweating in the house as I ran around getting things gathered and children plus husband ushered outside the door) so we were cool. Luckily the children were dressed mostly appropriately. It was sunny but windy and then near the end it started to rain.

The children generally enjoyed the show but parked planes were a bit boring and redundant for the little ones.

So that makes it want little ones to get into mischief. Here is hubby chasing Ava away from touching the very clearly marked "do not touch" plane's propeller.

I decided to pair up the kids and let Ava show her brother the sites. She is such a wonderful tour guide - and keeps the guide at a good pace too!

And you cannot go to the air show without getting your face painted in army camouflage (not sure about the connection there but, okay...).

And the greatest part was hanging in the hang glider ...