Ways to Save Money on Laundry

Thanks again to Homemaker Barbi for her tips on how to save money when doing laundry. Here is a summary of her tips.

1. Buy Energy Star rated appliances.

2. Cut dryer sheets in half.

3. Dilute laundry detergent in the bottle with water.

4. Use less detergent and liquid fabric softener.
5. Clean the lint trap before every load of laundry.

6. Line dry your clothes.

7. Create a hybrid drying routine.

8. Do less laundry.

9. Double up 1/2 loads of laundry and only dry full loads.

10. Dry loads back to back.
11. Double spin clothes in the washer.

12. Use vinegar in the wash instead of fabric softener (1/4 cup). Smaller loads need smaller amounts, unless you want to smell vinegar on your clean clothes! This cheap alternative to liquid fabric softener will save money on your laundry supply budget for certain.
13. Wash in the coldest temperature recommended for your clothes.