Shh ~ Just Listen to Me

I went to the doctor's to see why I am feeling so out of control. She sat there and chatted with me (which was good) but she didn't listen to me ~ more like talked to me. Why do people think that they are helping by spewing a bunch of advice that you either already know or that you didn't ask for. I felt it was a useless appointment and that someone was more interested in solving things than in helping me talk through it. Counseling doesn't work because the counselor is only available during the day. This causes more stress as I have a home daycare and cannot make regular appointments.

And now it is time for vacation. I'll be packing throughout the day to try to alleviate the potential stress it could cause. I also have a plan to "surface" organize as I go through each room. I just hope the tornado trail of children isn't too bad at tearing things apart behind me as I go.