I was reading The Creative Mama and her post about The Two-Piece Suit where she bought her self a two-piece bathing suit even though she hasn’t lost all the baby weight and believes she certainly doesn’t have a two-piece body. The power of her post is that she "made a decision, a conscious choice to push aside my self-image issues, my insecurities about my post-two-babies-body, and the lingering voice inside of me that says 'I’ll just let the hubbie take them swimming'."And because she donned this admirable attitude, she didn’t miss out.

I think this post hit home especially for me because I have been contemplating registering our children for swimming lessons and I had the same internal dialogue as The Creative Mama. I have had two babies, darn it! I have never claimed to have the perfect bathing suit body and my kids and hubby don't really care. They just want to be with me as a FAMILY. And so I am going to post this blog and proceed to register all of us for parent and tot swim lessons. Yep, two kiddies and their mommy and daddy will swim (or we'll hold them) together twice a week for a glorious 30 minutes of splashes and giggles and quality time. I can't wait.