The Day of Poo

**POST WARNING - not for the weak stomached.

The 3 year old (Ava) had the stinkiest poop ~ and she decided to do it in a pull-up that was only on "in case". If you want gory details, she overflowed the diaper with pee (so much so that it was streaming down her leg) so when I waded through that and pulled off her sopping shorts to open the diaper and say it exploded on me (with poop) was an understatement. It was even in her socks and shoes!

The 18 month old (Travis) also decided to poop right before his nap. No big deal, right? Well, I opened the crotch snaps on his outfit and it was down to his knees. So I shoved him into the tub screaming and whining the whole time because a) he doesn't want a bath and b) he is tired because it is nap time. How does it get on his hands? Ugh. So I clean him up, put him to bed and find chunks of poo on the (NEW) carpet in my bedroom. Not too bad as it's only a few of them. Then I go downstairs to find blobs of poo on our rug. I suppose these splotches are where he decided to plop on the floor from standing to sitting and then continued on. It looks like he did this a half-dozen times. The final masterpiece was walking into the kitchen and finding a good chunk of poo waiting for me. I am so grateful that none of the other babies from the daycare decided to taste-test ... ugh!! (okay, now I feel like gagging).