Confirmation Gifts - Survival Kits From God

For some reason I cannot find the original post that I made on this. I found the photos of my "final" creations. I have one
male and one female cousin in grade 8 who received the Catholic sacrament of Confirmation.

I did a quick Internet search on creative gift ideas for these kids who have it all but would also be meaningful in a spiritual way. So I came up with these. I used baby jars (which I have lots of these days) and decorated them to give away. I hot glued buttons on one and pennies on the other. I also wrote a list of what was included in the jar as if it were a note from the big G-O-D man himself. I soaked the paper in tea and cut it in an uneven, scroll-like way to age it. I thought it turned out fantastic. I'm not sure of the recipients' reaction... so hard to read a 13/14 year old.