Menu Plan Monday ~ June 1-7

I didn't quite get to everything I had planned on last week's menu plan so some are repeats. The theme of "bugs" during the day for the daycare is going to continue this week too.


Snack ~ Rice crackers

Lunch ~ Pemeal Bacon, pickles, potato salad, strawberries

Snack ~Celery and Pretzel Butterflies ~ Cut a small piece of celery for the body of the butterfly. Spread some cream cheese or peanut butter inside of the stalk of celery. Add 4 small folded pretzels for the butterfly wings. Add 2 strings of black licorice for the antennas.

Dinner ~ One-Pot Chicken with Beans & Vegetables leftovers


Snack ~Multi-grain Cheerios (dry), oranges

Lunch ~ One-Pot Chicken with Beans & Vegetables, yogurt

Snack ~Ants on a Log ~ Needed: Raisins (ants) or prunes (bugs), celery, peanut butter or cream cheese. Spread peanut butter on the celery and put either their ants (raisins) or their bugs (prunes).

Dinner ~ Tomato Basil Quiche. Makes 10 servings.


Snack ~ Mini Breton vegetable crackers, apples, cheese

Lunch ~ Tomato Basil Quiche, toast with cream cheese, fruit (TBD)

Snack ~ Fruit smoothies

Dinner ~ Pizza Braid served with salad


Snack ~Vegetable crackers, applesauce

Lunch ~ Grilled cheese, sliced meat, fruit (TBD)

Snack ~ Waffles & blueberries

Dinner ~ Stir Fry (use pre-cooked frozen chicken & fresh vegetables)


Snack ~Graham crackers, grapes

Lunch ~ Chicken nuggets, cooked carrots, toast spread with no-sugar jam

Snack ~ Yogurt, apple slices

Dinner ~ Leftover Buffet


Lunch ~ Tuna fish sandwiches, carrots, apples, yogurt

Dinner ~ TBD


Lunch ~ Breakfast sausages, eggs, toast

Dinner ~ Leftover buffet

*Don't forget to check out OrgJunkie for more menu planning ideas.