Weekend Plans

This week's question: What are your plans for the weekend?

My children are having a bit of an early weekend at my parents' place (bless my Mom & Dad) and therefore, hubby and I are catching up on some much-needed sleep. I think we even had a bit of a conversation last night without a young one taking over or making us forget our train of thought! I also appreciated the distance from the kids as I am pretty excited to see them after a day or two and some rest has ensued.

Anyhow, back to the original question ... this weekend we are meeting up with my parents and my children to celebrate two of my (much) younger cousins' grade 8 Confirmation.

I wanted to be creative with their gifts so I have come up with a "Survival Kit from God" for each of them. Here is what the "letter" says (and what I'll be putting into the kit). I hope this is cool enough for a 14-year-old?!

Lollipop to help you lick your problems
A Rubber band to help you be flexible and not to break
Snickers to remind you to laugh in the face of trials.
A Paper Clip to help you hold things together.
Caramel to help you chew the fat with good friends (PALS)
A Sweet Tart to help you accept and appreciate the differences in others
Stick of Gum to give you stick-to-it-iveness.
Piece of String to help you tie up loose ends.
A Pin to pinpoint problems
A Lifesaver to keep you from drowning in everyday chores.
Lemon Drop to remind you that "if live gives you lemons, make lemonade"!
A Penny to give you extra "cents" that everyone needs.
Nail to help you remember how much you are worth to me.
A Hug and Kiss to remind you how much I Love You.

Do not try to shoulder all the worlds problems.......That's My Job!!!

Love, Your Heavenly Father