The Trash Challenge

Darn it to all of these smart people out there who are coming up with projects and theories and world-changing movements for me to read and get inspired by *sigh*. So now I have another daily living consideration - my trash and what do I throw out? Thanks to Mandy at Organizing Your Way, here is my latest home initiative.
In her introduction of the Trash Challenge, Mandy writes, "I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks wondering what exactly fills our trash bags each week ...(we) fill up 4-6 bags of trash a week. ...With that in mind, I’ve decided to issue The Trash Challenge – to myself and to any readers who want to join me this week!"

Mandy's plan is to write down everything that goes into her kitchen trash this week so that she can come up with strategies to eliminate the trash going forward. I read her list this week and it consists of a lot of items that my City composts or recycles. I think we only put out one small white kitchen bag of garbage plus diapers from my home daycare which is unavoidable at this time.

Mandy suggests burning the compost-able items and paper that her City doesn't take. The other way is by reducing the amount of packaged food her family eats. For example, she purchased a head of lettuce rather than a pre-bagged salad and is considering homemade popcorn instead of microwave popcorn. Interesting points that I am going to consider going forward, especially as we are attempting to reduce (not eliminate as I'm not super-duper Mom here folks) gluten, processed foods and sugary snacks ~ I almost wrote for the kids but yes, I need to reduce all of this stuff too.

If you want to be inspired, visit this couple's Rubbish Free Year challenge. They have committed to one bag of trash for an entire year. The one bag wasn’t even a garbage bag, just a grocery store bag! I hope they succeed but how in the world are they going to manage that one?! People have such ambitious goals. I admire them. At this point in my life I'll just have to focus on reducing the over-packaged products we bring into our home and perhaps purchase the new biodegradable plastic bags that are out there.
Will you join Mandy and I in this challenge? What is the first item you are going to try to focus on for reducing your households garbage output?