Menu Plan Monday ~ May 25-31

Note: all meals and snacks are served with milk.
Snack ~Graham crackers, oranges
Lunch ~ Waffles with blueberries, yogurt
Snack ~Celery and Pretzel Butterflies ~ Cut a small piece of celery for the body of the butterfly. Spread some cream cheese or peanut butter inside of the stalk of celery. Add 4 small folded pretzels for the butterfly wings. Add 2 strings of black licorice for the antennas.
Dinner ~ Mango Chicken Salad recipe. Serves 4.

Snack ~Multi-grain Cheerios (dry), banana
Lunch ~ Tuna fish sandwiches, oranges, cheese slices
Snack ~Ants on a Log ~ Needed: Raisins(ants) or prunes (bugs), celery, peanut butter (make sure no one in your class is allergic). Give each child a piece of celery. Have the children wash and dry their celery. Next, have them spread peanut butter on the celery and put either their ants (raisins) or their bugs (prunes). Eat up!!!
You could also use cream cheese if you have children in your class who are allergic to peanut butter.
Dinner ~ Lemon Asparagus Pasta. Makes 4 servings.

Snack ~Strawberry muffins, applesauce
Lunch ~ Fish sticks, grapes, toast with cream cheese
Snack ~Edible Spiders ~ You'll need: round crackers peanut butter mini m&m's Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers (cut into 1 inch pieces) Give each child 2 crackers, peanut butter, 2 m&m's,and a piece of licorice. Have child spread on peanut butter with popsicle stick on one cracker. Pull apart licorice and place eight "legs" on the cracker. Place other cracker on top. Dab two spots of peanut butter on cracker top and stick on m&m's for eyes.
Dinner ~ Tomato Basil Quiche recipe. This spring recipe for quiche makes 10 servings, so you’ll have plenty of leftovers for later.

Snack ~Vegetable crackers, applesauce
Lunch ~ Grilled cheese, deli meat, banana
Snack ~Caterpillars ~ Recipe: Shred 1 leaf of lettuce, spread cream cheese on 4 Ritz crackers. Layer the crackers slightly on top of each other to form the body of the caterpillar, the crackers were placed on top of the lettuce. We then took 2 raisins for eyes and 6-8 chow mien noodles for legs.
The children loved eating their caterpillars as much as they loved making them.
Dinner ~ One-Pot Chicken with Beans & Vegetables. Makes 8 servings.

Snack ~Graham crackers, grapes
Lunch ~ Chicken nuggets, apples, yogurt
Snack ~Worms and Dirt ~ Supplies: Gummy worms, Oreo cookies, sandwich bags and paper cups. Place Oreo cookies in a sandwich bag and let the kids crush them. Then dump them into to paper cup and add gummy worms. Then they can eat worms and dirt!
Dinner ~ Pizza Braid served with salad

Lunch ~ Hot dogs, rice crisps, fruit
Dinner ~ Spaghetti with broccoli and meatballs plus garlic bread

Lunch ~ Pemeal bacon, eggs, toast
Dinner ~ Leftover buffet