The Spectacles

Instead of reporting on a story I have ready (it hasn't happened this week and you'll soon see why not) I will share a story.

Last weekend we visited my in-laws (2.5 hour drive away). Last Sunday after we got home and unpacked, we realised I had forgotten my
glasses at their house. I don't think I've ever forgotten them as I am dependent on them for long-term reading or computer work or crafting. My mother-in-law was sweet enough to courier them to me next-day service so I could ensure I had them for my week-and-a-half mini-vacation with the kids to my parent's place (1.5 hour drive away).

On Thursday afternoon I arrived at my parent's, unpacked, and realised I cannot find my glasses. Argh. I look everywhere and call hubby (who is still home for a few days because he had to work) and he looks everywhere at my house for them. Neither of us can find them. Hubby jokes that I'm losing my marbles and must have put them in the freezer or somewhere obscure. We hang up and continue to look. Hubby, having considered his joke, decides to check out obscure places. Just as I am checking out the car (again) Mom calls and says "the search is over". Hubby had found them on top of the fridge, wedged in a pile of coupons. The only reason he looked there was because he didn't know what the crumple was about. His description - it looked like a little kid who tried to hide his uneaten sandwich. I can only laugh as I have absolutely no idea how they got there. It's okay though, I can wait a few days until Hubby comes on Saturday.

Saturday comes and we unpack the cube-van's worth of items I've requested Hubby bring along and - can you guess?? - no glasses. Is this a sick joke, hubby? Are you hiding them on me? Alas, no ... he forgot them on the counter at home.

Guess I'm really relaxing this week, huh?

Have you ever forgotten anything that you really needed while away for an extended period of time? If so, what? What did you do to make the best of the situation?