April Fool's Day - Update

Yesterday, the kids (or rather I) had a plan to "get" Daddy. This is how the gag unfolded ...

The night before April Fool's Day ... Ava was asleep by the time I got home from the gym so we couldn't stuff Daddy's shoes for him to find in the morning.

The morning of April Fool's Day ... I crumpled up some older art of Ava's and stuffed it in the toes with her there. She pulled it out and got upset so I had to post the crumpled art onto the cupboard.

The afternoon of April Fool's Day (I know it ends at 12PM in Canada but I warned Daddy we were going to try and that it might be after he got home) ... I stuffed a pair of Travis's socks into each of his shoes. I turned around and the next thing I know, Ava is WEARING a pair of the socks and putting the second pair onto one of her dolls.

At least it makes for a good story, right? Daddy got a kick out of our attempts, too.