Toss It Thursday

I stumbled across Smead Organomics after a great post from I'm An Organizing Junkie.

As the "junkie" summarizes in her post (hey, why reinvent the wheel!), Smead Organomics will provide you with organizing solutions for your office based on your specific work style and organizing challenges. You start by answering a few questions and choosing the work style that suits you best out of the following five.

Visually oriented
Detailed oriented
Goal oriented
Team oriented
Task oriented

Using this information Smead will provide you with three solutions and how to instructions that fit your type of profile. I did this and, to organize my projects more effectively, I was recommended to do the following:

Use Colored Interior Folders in FasTab Hanging Pockets

-> Keep all project materials in one place so you never waste time searching for information.
-> Use a separate FasTab Hanging Pocket to hold all of the materials for each of your projects.
-> Label the pocket with a Viewables Tab. Keep these project files in a nearby desk drawer.

-> Separate project materials into logical parts. Choose a different colored Interior Folder for each category. Use the same colors for similar materials in each project file so finding sections is easy.
-> Print Viewables labels with the project name for the FasTab Hanging Pocket and the Interior Folders used for that project.
-> Arrange the Interior Folders in the FasTab Hanging Pocket in a sequence that follows your workflow for projects.

-> Monitor your project task work through completion.
-> Create deadlines for each task and track them to a calendar. As you work on the project, pull out only the Interior Folder that contains what you need for the task at hand.
-> Stick to your schedule. As tasks are completed, move the folder that contains materials for the next task to the front of the FasTab Hanging Pocket as an indicator of the next step.