Toddler Tuesday ~ Controlling The Volcano Within

On a regular basis I attend parenting sessions at the local Early Years Centre. I have found a lot of these sessions useful and so I thought I would summarize a few over the next few weeks ~ partly as future reference
for me, and partly for the benefit of other parents and/or caregivers.

Controlling the Volcano Within
The morning concentrated on the adult assisting the child in managing their overwhelming emotions.

The particular age of children we discussed for tools and situations were 0-6 years old. The tool that I feel was the strongest was the use of visual facial expressions and asking the child to point to the one that closest resembled how they were feeling. I tried it out later that day when Ava was having a melt-down from being tired and hungry. It worked to calm her down and she pointed to the sad face. I was so proud of her.