They're Back!

The kids are back from a nice mini-vacation at Mama and Papa's (my parents). It was a surprise to all of us as Ava (3 years old) was talking to Mama on Thursday morning and said "Mama come get me". Mama said she had to work and couldn't, so Ava said "well, Papa come get me then!" How could they resist?! So later that afternoon, Mama came and got her and little Travis (1 year old) and hubby and I got a well-deserved break.

On Saturday night we went on a date to a Chinese Buffet. So much for the weight loss efforts! Today, being March 1st, however, I have started tracking my points via Weight Watchers. I am not officially signed up but as I am a lifetime member (or was ...) I believe I have the tools to make it work on my own. And if not, hubby is very supportive that I sign up again. It makes such a huge difference when your spouse supports you without telling you that it would be a good idea if you lost weight.

It was great to spend quality time with my husband and to catch up on sleep, blogs and emails. All this rest, however, has allowed for a sinus cold to creep up on me (sigh). Now that I have stopped nursing Travis I can at least take some medicine if it gets too bad.

And so our week begins ...